Panel on Sovereignty at VANDA 2018 Conference

Sovereignty in an Unequal World: Anthropological Perspectives

Conveners: Tereza Kuldova

Full Session Schedule & Abstracts

Thursday, September 20, 2018 | Slot 3 | Room 3

Ilja Steffelbauer: Turncoats: Reclaiming Sovereignty by Turning One's Back on Civilization

Tereza Kuldova: Loss of Sovereignty and Social Abjection: On the Melancholic Objects of Political Desire

Kate Tudor: Self-Made Men - Economic and Consumer Sovereignty in the Accounts of Serious Fraudsters

Tessa Diphoorn: Corporate Sovereignty: Permissive Authority Claiming and Making in Southern Africa

Thursday, September 20, 2018 | Slot 4 | Room 3

Roman Urbanowicz: Competing Sovereignties, Political Imagination and Desire for the State in South-Eastern Lithuania

Ekaterina Zheltova: Narrating ‘property issues’: longing for sovereignty in the Albanian-Greek Borderlands

Emmanuel Awoh: Contesting forms of Authorities and local governance in Cameroon