Past Lectures: 2010-2013

Affective and aesthetic atmospheres as ideological play-spheres: the making of the heroic Indian entrepreneur-philanthropists in design studios, ASA 14 Conference, Edinburgh, 20th June 2014, panel 3.

Designing Interpassive Indianness: Intimate Encounters with Nation at a Distance, guest lecture, 12th December 2013, Art Lecture Series, European University in Cyprus

The Indian Phantasm Conference, Museum of Cultural History, Oslo (10th-11th December 2012), conference organizer, paper presented: Indian Luxury fashion and Neo-Imperial Aesthetics.

Non-Western Fashion Conference, Rabat, Morocco (20th-21st October 2012), paper presented: Indian Haute Couture: The Aesthetic Economy of Neo-Imperial Atmospheres.

Artification Conference, Helsinki, Aalto University (15th-17th August 2012), paper presented: Artification in Indian High Fashion: Elevating Value, Creating Distance and Redefining Indian Art.

EASA 2012, Paris, Nanterre (10th - 13th July 2012), paper presented: Laughing at Luxury and Living out Alternative Aesthetics: The Poor Craftswoman's Take on Fashion.

CIM Project Final Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands (31st May - 1st June 2012), paper presented: Hijacking Creativity, Denying Imagination: Unraveling the Mystery of Value Creation in Indian Fashion.

ASA 2012 Conference, JNU Delhi, India (3rd-6th April 2012), chair and panel organizer, P01 - Exploring the aesthetics and meanings of contemporary Indian fashion: from craft to the catwalk, paper presented: Embroidered Seduction, Embroidered Modesty: On Luxury Garments and Femininity in Contemporary India.

Annual Conference at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo (19th-20th September 2011). Paper: Claiming and Denying Creativity: The Battlefield that is the Creation of Indian Embroidered Garment.

Museum of Cultural History, seminar (4th February 2010), paper: A Commodity as a Window into Complexity: The Chikan Embroidery of India and the Intertwined Social Life of Things and People

Finnish Anthropology Conference 2010: Ideas of Value, Helsinki (12th May 2010), chair of session Material Culture and Material Body, paper Managing Clothes, Expressing Values: The Indian Middle Class and the Game of Aligning Values with Clothes, later on published in edited version in Journal of Finnish Anthropological Society.

CEU Graduate Conference, Budapest (12th June 2010), paper: Constructing the Field Across Time and Space: Dealing with Multiple Contexts and Multiple Temporalities.