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September 19, 2018

Sovereignty in an Unequal World: Anthropological Perspectives

Conveners: Tereza Kuldova

Full Session Schedule & Abstracts

Thursday, September 20, 2018 | Slot 3 | Room 3

Ilja Steffelbauer: Turncoats: Reclaiming Sovereignty by Turning One's Back on Civilization

Tereza Kuldova: Loss of Sovereignty and Social Abjection: On the Melancholic Objects of Political Desire

Kate Tudor: Self-Made Men - Economic and Consumer Sovereignty in the Accounts of Serious Fraudsters

Tessa Diphoorn: Corporate Sovereignty: Permissive Authority Claiming and Making in Southern Africa


November 16, 2017

Public Lecture 

AU_Antropologie Umelcum (Anthropology to Artists) FaVU VUT (Faculty of Fine Ar

ts, University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic)



Terror, Edmund Burke argued, is the “common stock of everything that is sublime,” capable of producing delight when held at a certain distance. What puzzled Burke was the question of “how any species of delight can be derived from a cause so apparently contrary to it.” I suggest that we may look for an ethnographic answer to this question among the supporters, hangers-on and diverse admirers of o...

January 20, 2017

Public Lecture

2nd February 2017


Historical Museum, University of Oslo

Frederiks gt. 2, Oslo, Norway 

Following the financial crisis of 2008, global financial and corporate elites suffered a profound blow to their legitimacy. The 1% on the top, evading taxes and leading the way to a global financial meltdown, were re-cast as villains. In response to this crisis, philanthropy was revamped and positioned as the only solution to global problems. Billionaires were turned into philanthropic heroes and greed into a social good. ‘Philanthrocapitalism’,...

August 22, 2014

Asian Luxury Markets - Reason and Passion 

Gull & Ur Messe, Lillestrøm

23. 8. 2014, 13:00 

How to understand and succeed in Asian luxury markets?

January 1, 2014

Affective and aesthetic atmospheres as ideological play-spheres: the making of the heroic Indian entrepreneur-philanthropists in design studios, ASA 14 Conference, Edinburgh, 20th June 2014, panel 3. 

Designing Interpassive Indianness: Intimate Encounters with Nation at a Distance, guest lecture, 12th December 2013, Art Lecture Series, European University in Cyprus 

The Indian Phantasm Conference, Museum of Cultural History, Oslo (10th-11th December 2012), conference organizer, paper presented: Indian Luxury fashion and Neo-Imperial Aesthetics.


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