August 25, 2014

Stairway to Heaven 

Curated by Tereza Kuldova & Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty

Texts: Robert Pfaller & Asbjørn Kjønstad

Once upon a time glamorous smoking has become a dirty silly habit of the unenlightened that increasingly offends the sensitivity of the vulnerable non-smoker striving for health. On behalf of the vulnerable individual and against the unenlightened irrational smoker, the state has decided to place disturbing health warnings on cigarette packages and prohibit smoking in a range of public places. Difficult questions arise from this: In what ways ar...

February 21, 2014

An exhibition curated and designed by Tereza Kuldova

On from 13th September 2013 - 28th August 2014, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo 

Intro text

‘I want this funeral to be spectacular! Manish darling, you have to design some fabulous embroidered dresses for us and change the interior, we need controlled opulence, luxury and modesty in one, lots of white! It is all about business, you know that darling!’

Anjali’s uncle was still fighting against cancer in the hospital, while she already began planning his spectacular funeral together with one...

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