October 16, 2017

What Meets the Eye: Lessons in Visual Anthropology Intensive Course

Tereza Kuldova, PhD
University of Oslo/University of Vienna

Department of Ethnology

Faculty of Arts

Charles University, Prague

Visual anthropology is one of the fastest growing subfields of anthropology, ranging from the anthropological study of visual culture to the production of anthropological and ethnographic visual products, as such being defined both by its subject and its unique methods. Playing on one hand with the analysis and interpretation of different modes of visual culture, whi...

October 10, 2017

Visual Anthropology 30(5) 


Terror, Edmund Burke argued, is the “common stock of everything that is sublime,” capable of producing delight when held at a certain distance. What puzzled Burke was the question of “how any species of delight can be derived from a cause so apparently contrary to it.” I suggest that we may look for an ethnographic answer to this question among the supporters, hangers-on and diverse admirers of outlaw bikers, who take pleasure in being exposed, albeit at a safe distance, to the sub...

September 22, 2017


Tereza Kuldova


This catalogue, and the exhibition Artists’ Waste, Wasted Artists which it accompanies, is a result of a class, Making Ethnographic Exhibitions: Theory and Practice, I have taught at the University of Vienna in Spring/Summer 2017. Seeing my students excited about getting their hands dirty, both with ethnographic fieldwork among artists and with designing an actual exhibition, I have decided that their semester work, for a change, won’t be as if, but for real. Not just another semester essay solely for the eyes of th...

September 13, 2017

Paper presented at the 17th Annual Conference of the ESC EuroCrim 2017, 13.09.2017-16.09.2017

Weakness, Strength and the Business of Protection

How (the Discourse of) the Weakening State Contributes to the Growth of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs across Europe

Tereza Kuldova

University of Oslo

University of Vienna

Outlaw motorcycle clubs are often in the same business as the state, namely, protection, something that places them in competition with one another, at least in the eyes of a certain, even if marginal, segment of the population. The intent of this paper is...

August 29, 2017

Theses on Faeces: Encounters with the Abject emerged out of Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty’s art photography project and in particular the responses to it - typically those of enormous disgust, revulsion and hathos, a paradoxical attraction towards something one cannot stand. These reactions came as a surprise to us, especially given that art has had a long history of engaging with shit and other bodily fluids, with the disgusting, and the abject. It appeared that irrespective of the established use of shit in the art world, none of its power to disgust, offen...

August 29, 2017

Paper presented at The 12th Annual International Etnography Symposium, 29.08.2017 - 02.09.2017, Manchester Business School 

Tereza Kuldova

University of Oslo

University of Vienna

An assumption has dominated ethnography at large and feminist anthropology in particular. Namely, that the value of ethnographies by female writers often resides in female researcher’s ability to easily gain access to other women and to somehow intuitively understand other women grounded in their shared womanhood. In other words, in their ability to understand women the way men are...

May 12, 2017

Wageningen, Netherlands

12 May 2017


Research Seminar

The Hauntological Turn: Psychoanalysis and Political Economy

Loss of Sovereignty and Social Abjection: On the Melancholic Objects of Political Desire

Tereza Kuldova

University of Oslo

University of Vienna

We are currently experiencing a profound crisis of political imagination. Neoliberalism has been generating ever increasing amounts of population that feel disillusioned, angry, impoverished, devalued, lonely, insecure, hopeless, forsaken, and at general loss. The tyranny of the markets has resulted bot...

March 29, 2017

Terror on Tour III (conference)

University of Innsbruck

29-31 March 2017


The Sublime Splendour of Intimidation

On the Outlaw Biker Aesthetics of Power

Tereza Kuldova

University of Oslo

University of Vienna

Terror, Edmund Burke argued, is the ‘common stock of everything that is sublime’, capable of producing delight when held at a certain distance. What puzzled Burke was the question of ‘how any species of delight can be derived from a cause so apparently contrary to it’. I suggest that we may look for an ethnographic answer to this question among the supp...

January 20, 2017


The last proofs are in and our edited volume will soon be out! 

For more, visit the website of Palgrave Macmillan

This book brings anthropologists and critical theorists together in order to investigate utopian visions of the future in the neoliberal cities of India and Sri Lanka. Arguing for the priority of materiality in any analysis of contemporary ideology, the authors explore urban construction projects, special economic zones, fashion ramps, films, archaeological excavations, and various queer spaces. In the process, they reveal how d...

January 20, 2017

Public Lecture

2nd February 2017


Historical Museum, University of Oslo

Frederiks gt. 2, Oslo, Norway 

Following the financial crisis of 2008, global financial and corporate elites suffered a profound blow to their legitimacy. The 1% on the top, evading taxes and leading the way to a global financial meltdown, were re-cast as villains. In response to this crisis, philanthropy was revamped and positioned as the only solution to global problems. Billionaires were turned into philanthropic heroes and greed into a social good. ‘Philanthrocapitalism’,...

December 7, 2016

Long abstract of a paper to be presented at The West conference, 9th December 2016, University of Jyväskylä, Finland 

For more about the conference click here

‘We are the ultimate American brand1. As we expand across the globe and conquer new territories, we are spreading a unique western culture and lifestyle. Freedom is our core value’2. Those are the words of a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in California. The notorious American outlaws motorcycle clubs, the so called 1-percenters, labelled by law enforcement worldwide as transnational crim...

November 11, 2016

Philanthrocapitalism Across Legal and Illegal Markets

From Indian Business Elites to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation

17.11.2016, Minneapolis, AAA Conference, 10:15-10:30

Following the financial crisis accompanied by the global rise of socio-economic inequality and environmental destruction caused by relentless capitalist exploitation, businesses worldwide suffered from a series of crises of legitimization. In 2008 the Indian press unanimously considered greed as bad and so the millionaires. Yet, by 2011 something has changed and the Indian milliona...

May 9, 2016

Venue: PROFESSORBOLIGEN (NB! Changed venue) - Karl Johans Gate 47, Oslo 

9:00 - 18:00 

13th May 2016

The conference will explore the puzzle of how diverse outlaw groups (that is to say groups which are seen by the greater society as culturally and/or legally deviant and who also both see themselves in this manner and self-proclaim themselves as outsiders in one way or the other) become integrated into society. This is often accomplished in surprising ways, be it through fashion, commodification of subcultural trends, paradoxical exploitation of law, or thr...

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